Beary Best!

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Having welcomed over thousands of tavelers to Beary Good and Beary Nice, the answer to “What’s Next?” became obvious.

Beary Best! …of course!

Housed in a chirpy art deco heritage building, Beary Best! was conceived with the simple intent to merge backpackers practicality with hotel like facilities and comfort. An antithesis to the deluge of overpriced boutique hostels, Beary Best seek to retain the carefree charms and ways of a backpacker hostel and simply to provide the true essentials that is… comfortable and good value accomodation.

With 3 large floor space and various dorm types, Beary Best! is the biggest of the three Beary hostels. Featuring a large lounge area, airy dorms and hallways,and even a little outdoor patio, great care yet were taken to maintain a spacious and personal environment not found in any hostels.

As with all Beary hostels, Beary Best! offers an awesome location along Chinatown’s Upper Cross Street, a strategic starting point that is within 3 minutes walk to the MRT station and to many tourist attractions along Chinatown, Singapore River and Marina Bay.

From the long list of high quality facilities to abundant social spaces, we welcome fellow backpackers and budget travellers alike to experience Beary Best! Simple intent yet simply the Best!  =)

About Beary

Beary is independently owned and operated (the way all hostels should be).

We love teddy bears, friendly travelers and mixed dorm rooms.
And more importantly we believe that everyone should get out and experience hostel living at least three times in their lives.

Almost all the bears that are living in Beary Hostels have been with us for over two decades. If you have a homeless bear to spare, please send him/her to us.

And we would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, partnerships, business propositions, job enquiries, relationship questions etc.Please reach out to us at


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